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The AIVA Platform

What is the AIVA platform?
The Astronomical Image Visualizer and Analyzer (AIVA) is a proposed Flash based internet tool. This innovative tool will serve as a clearinghouse of astronomical images so that amateur astronomers, students, and the general public can interact directly with data from the world’s best telescopes. Users will be able to browse astronomical images, produce color astrophotos, and extract data from the images in order to perform a variety of research projects. Astronomical images pose many unique challenges, which you can learn about through this brief video. 

What will AIVA look like?
AIVA will serve as an interactive clearinghouse of astronomical images from small amateur telescopes, large research telescopes, and space-based missions. Users will be able to browse images by telescope, object type, or distance from Earth.  Image display settings will allow users to explore the full detail of the astronomical objects, while a color combination utility will make it possible to produce real color images from the astronomical data. 

AIVA will grow from an interactive .fits image browser to a data collection device allowing users to perform original research projects and participate directly in the science of astronomy. Users will follow self-paced directions to extract data, produce graphs, and export their work for further analysis. Possible research projects include variable star observations, asteroid detection, nova searches, exoplanet transits, and more. Below is an early prototype of AIVA in research mode.

When will AIVA be available?
We are in the process of building interest and support for the AIVA platform. In an effort to make this innovative tool available for free, we will be seeking grants from both public and private granting institutions. Full-scale development will commence when funding is secure. 

What can I do until then?
In the meantime, you can hone your skills of astronomical image analysis by making your own color astrophoto. If you think you can assist the project (by providing data or supporting development) or if you just wish to encourage us in our efforts, please contact us directly.