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AGL Initiatives was born out of an astronomy project that I created for my students in 2009. This project was recognized by NASA and eventually by the staff at USA TODAY, who hired me to develop a more robust version of the project for the Jet Propulsion Lab – thus my freelance career began.

I eventually left the classroom and began working full-time as an independent contractor, working largely with Michigan Virtual University on a variety of projects related to online learning. In 2010, I was selected as Michigan Online Teacher of the Year and as a finalist for the National Online Teacher of the Year award. In 2013, Google picked me to be one of the very first Google Glass Explorers and sent me on an amazing trip to CERN.

Every day I am grateful for the awesome people that I get to work with, the exciting projects that I get to explore, and the opportunities that I have to teach, create, and continue to learn.