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Build your own Glass

March 28th, 2013


For my application to Project Glass, I created the video below which shows some simple examples of how I would use glass to teach science. The problem was, to make the video, I needed to make my own (cheap) version of glass.

I thought I could share my step-by-step instructions for anyone who would like to make their own version of Google Glass instead of buying  the real thing.

Step 1: Gather the materials
I used a winter headband, some electrical tape, and my phone.


Step 2: Assemble “Frugal Glass”
Tape the phone to the headband (without covering up the camera).

Step 3: Walk around like a fool
It should be noted that driving while using frugal glass is not advisable and has already been outlawed in three states. And yes, I did actually walk around a grocery store wearing this to make my application video.



  1. Prince chaubey #
    May 6, 2013

    Great idea but i want the original one i think it ll take 2-3 yrs to in market and reaching our country i am from India n i love ur thoughts and i love open and hightech learning i have ended u a request on facebook if u are using it then accept me….

    • avheuv #
      May 6, 2013

      Thanks, Yes, I’m always interested in hearing what other people are up to in education and technology around the world.

  2. Shelina Khalish #
    May 10, 2013

    Haha, this is a great idea! But I agree with Prince, I’d rather have the actual Glass too! Super cool 🙂

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