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Color Dash

Paint colors have such interesting names – from “Distant Thunder” to “Chocolate Froth.” I thought it would make a fun family game for players to invent their own color names. Each player looks at the same color sample and invents a name for it. The dealer writes down the real color name and then reads all of the options for players to choose which one they think is correct. Scoring is similar to Balderdash, where players earn points for guessing the right answer or getting others to choose theirs.

The first iterations of the game involved snagging hundreds of paint samples from the store, which quickly got embarrassing. Fortunately, Behr Paint provides a complete list of all 4,000+ of their paint colors along with an associated RGB color code. Armed with this information, I created a mobile app version of Color Dash that displays a random paint color and then reveals the name of the color only when the dealer presses a special button.