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Glass-Enabled Teachers

April 3rd, 2013


Yesterday I came across an awesome list of Project Glass winners. The compiled information is definitely worth checking out, but I was most interested in using the page to locate other teachers who have been selected as Glass Explorers. A simple cntrl-f search on “teach” produced about 100 names (or twitter handles, at least) of teachers who have been selected to participate.

I started contacting folks from the list with the hashtag #TeachWithGlass in the hopes that we could begin sharing ideas and start building a community of teachers who will try to use Glass in their teaching. Early on, @arickwest embraced the idea and suggested #GlassEdExplorers – he also started a Twitter list of Glass-enabled teachers and a website ( where we can presumably share resources once we have glass in hand.

I was hoping to reach out in a similar way on Google+, but the provided list of Project Glass winners was compiled from Twitter data, so I guess we’ll have to build a community there the old fashioned way…. (you know, meeting people organically).

No matter how you slice it, it’s fun to feel like you’re at the beginning of a cool new community of innovative educators!

Update: Check out this awesome map of all Glass Explorers to find others in your area.


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