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STEM and The Simple Mysteries of Life

July 14th, 2013


Everywhere I look, I see math and science – even in the most ordinary places, like pouring a glass of soda or taking a shower.

That’s precisely what makes the STEM disciplines so amazingly awesome. Even the simplest situations can give rise to incredible complexity and surprising conclusions. Moreover, the exact same math and science that describes a simple situation (like why the curtain keeps creeping into your shower) can also apply to a really complex situation (like why supersonic jets can skim along the upper reaches of our atmosphere). In both cases, Bernoulli’s Principle is at work.

Over 400 years ago, Isaac Newton showed that the laws of nature which govern the sun, moon, and stars (the complex stuff) also govern apples, baseballs, and bullets (the simple stuff) here on earth. The universality of the laws of nature should continue to surprise and amaze us every day.

One of the reasons that I love making STEMbite videos is that we can examine the science and math of simple, everyday situations. But that doesn’t make our conclusions simple. Instead, the concepts learned in these deceivingly simple videos give insights into the profound nature of the universe itself. Trust me, I know – I have a masters degree in astrophysics!

When you want to see the complexity of the distant universe, look for something simple and familiar nearby.

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