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The Power of Glass

May 10th, 2013


Today I went to the MACUL Mobile Learning Conference at the Kalamazoo RESA. (Yes, there really is a town in Michigan called “Kalamazoo.”) I was giving a presentation on how to create your own iOS apps, but the highlight was definitely meeting some new friends… all thanks to Glass

Being a mobile learning conference, of course I brought my Glass along. I was a little nervous walking into the conference, though, as I expected to be mobbed by a crowd of tech-enthused teachers all eager to try out the latest and greatest gadget. I was relieved (and a little disappointed) when I walked into the building and no one really seemed to care that I was wearing Glass.

After a few minutes of standing around exchanging awkward glances, Brad Waid (@TechBradWaid) came up and started asking me about Glass. I quickly learned about the cool things that Brad is doing with Drew Minock (@TechMinock) and their Two Guys and Some iPads blog. I went to their talk (which was awesome) and made plans to have lunch with the dynamic duo.


Immediately after Brad and Drew’s “Game Changing Apps” talk, I (almost literally) ran into a tidal wave of enthusiasm in the form of +Doreen Barnes, +Megan Bowens, and +Sara De Voogd – three instructional tech experts from Forest Hills Schools. These ladies are a walking party, and before I knew it they were snapping pictures, trying on Glass, and asking me about my experience at CERN. I decided right there and then, if I were to ever have a “real job” again, it would have to be working with these three amazing people.

I gave my talk, and then went out for lunch with all of my new Glass friends – we had a great time! This is what conferences are supposed to be like.

I always knew that Glass would be a powerful and tranformative device, but I never expected it to transform my social connectedness face-to-face. Today, Glass greased the social engine and allowed me to make genuine connections with some amazing educators. OK, Glass!!


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